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PT Caca Pritindo Co.
CINDA International Holding Ltd.

Cinda International Holdings Limited (“Cinda International”, stock code: 111) is a financial institution. Cinda International is controlled by Well Kent International Investment Company Limited which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“China Cinda”).


Cinda International is playing an important role in the diversification and internationalization development of China Cinda. Leveraged on the strong background of China Cinda, Cinda International will continue to improve the quality of its all-round services so as to strengthen its market position in Hong Kong. Cinda International strives to increase the synergy effect among its business units with its parent company and expanding into new development.

Million Link Investments
ZHONG TAI Construction Group



Zhongtai Construction Group Co., Ltd. was set up after the 352nd Regiment of the People’s Liberation Army Engineer Corps transferred collectively. It is an integrated large enterprise group combining construction and installation, architectural design, decoration, steel structure, fire-fighting engineering, earthwork, municipal road & bridge, highway project, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, foundation engineering, architectural curtain wall energy-saving project, urban and road lighting, railway engineering, hydraulic project, and landscaping in one.


It consists of 12 Engineering Bureaus, establishes 10 holding subsidiaries including labor service company and architectural design company, 6 joint stock companies, 2 wholly owned subsidiaries, 210 civil engineering branches and 20 professional branches, and respectively sets offices and branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xi’an, Changsha and Suzhou, totally 31 municipalities directly under the Central Government, provinces and autonomous regions, as well as Libya, Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

PT Caca Pritindo Company


CCIL Mining and Mineral Resources Corporation's Indonesian partner, PT Caca Pritindo Comapny owns several coal mines and concessions in Kalimantan and Sumatra.


PT Caca Pritindo produces coal ranging from 4000-7000 kcal/kg GCV . The company exports coal to China, Korea and Japan.

Million Link Investments- Tianjin, China


Million Link Chrome Limited (MLCL) is a Philippine subsidiary of Million Link (China) Investment Limited, a professional international trading company specializing in Ferro-alloys, Foundry, Minerals, Iron and Steel, Non-ferrous trading and investment. Over the past 10 years , we are well known in the world market as international trader by advanced management theory, quality and customer first practice.

After a year of preparation, ISO9001:2000 certificate was issued Million Link China Investments. It is the new mark of Million Link standard. ISO rules and regulations concerned works well within the company. Quality improvement upgrades the competitiveness and recognition in local and international  markets.

Qingdao Explore, Qiangdao, China
Sihui Xiang Peng Copper Industry
Guangxi, China