Lumpy Iron Ore- Ilagan, Isabela

A rapid reconnaissance survey was conducted covering Ronquillo Mining Corporation's (RMC) Exploration Permit area and a detailed geological mapping of Ventura prospect and vicinities was implemented that is located west of RMC’s mining claims  in Barangay Batong Labang, City of Ilagan, Province of Isabela. The primary objective is to explore for iron deposits, precious and base metals, and to locate the source of numerous boulder-size float of iron ore identified within the prospect. It is also aimed to map the geological rock units and establish the stratigraphic relationships, types of alteration and structures as possible controls of mineralization.

Exploration Permit


A Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) was signed between CCIL Mining and Mineral Resources Corporation (CCILMMRC) and Ronquillo Mining Corporation (RMC) in 2012. The agreement involves the Batong Labang property of RMC with an approved Exploration Permit under EP-II-000015, covering 1,308.765 hectares


From Manila to Ilagan City, the provincial capital of Isabela is accessible by car via the well-paved concrete road of the North Luzon Expressway that links the Daang Maharlika Highway. Travel time is approximately 9 to 10 hours that covers around 420 kilometers road distance. Barangay Batong Labang can be negotiated along the 12 kilometers stretch of partly cemented feeder road. Access to the interior section of the mapped area is by foot along the rivers, creeks, foot trails and old logging roads.


A semi-detailed geological mapping of Ronquillo Mining exploration permit area located within the barangay jurisdiction of Batong Labang, Ilagan City, Isabela Province was undertaken to determine the metallic mineral potential of the area. It is bounded by geographical coordinates122 03’ 00” and 122 05’ 00” east longitudes and 17 06’ 00” and 17 08’ 00” north latitudes respectively.


The area is moderate to intensely hydrothermally alterated consisting of quartz-hematite-limonite, chlorite-epidote-quartz-pyrite and chlorite-epidote alteration suites. Sulfide mineralization consists mainly of fine grained pyrite occurring as dissemination and fracture-fill confined along fault zones and along the contact of the quartz diorite and intruded rocks. After the initial geological mapping and evaluation, 5 areas were identified within the exploration permit, are recommended for follow-up detailed mapping and sampling  for its mineral potential.


Location Map of the Iron Ore Project in Northeastern Luzon.

The area and immediate vicinities are chiefly underlain by hydrothermally altered basaltic lava flows with intercalated rhythmic sequence of sandstone, siltstone, and shale of Abuan Formation intruded by stocks of quartz diorite similar to that of the Dupax Batholith. These formations were then intruded and cut by basaltic dike swarms and unconformably overlain by a conglomerate unit. The area is traversed by northeast and northwest trending faults but the most dominant is the northeast-southwest fault system. Most of these fault zones exhibit extensive fracturing, brecciation, slickensides, lateral and vertical displacement and gouge materials suggestive of severe tectonic activities that took placed within the area.


A detailed geological mapping of one of the identified prospects located west of the exploration permit license was conducted to identify the source of the numerous iron ore mega-float littered within the prospect. It is also aimed to delimit and establish the stratigraphy and the type of alteration as well as the geologic structures that might be responsible for ore mineralization.


Contact-metasomatic skarn-type iron deposit localized in prospect occurs as boulders and lenticular body are hosted by a sequence of calcareous mudstone and siltstone.

Geological map showing 5 areas identified within the EP for follow up detailed mapping and sampling that are recommended for its mineral potential.

Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration

Photographs showing the various exploration activities and bulk sampling -trenching in the exploration permit license area in Ilagan Isabela.

Bulk Sampling - Skarn Iron Ore

Photographs showing the bulk sampling -trenching in the exploration permit license area in Ilagan Isabela.