Dinagat- Chromite Sand Trading


From Surigao City to San Jose Municipality, Dinagat Island is being serviced by motorized Banca’s and inter-island ship (RO-RO) in more or less two hours during fair weather conditions in the area. San Jose to highway junction at Brgy Gen. Aguinaldo, a distance of 44 kilometers can be reached in hour drive by all types of vehicles. Thence from this point, another 10 kilometer all-weather road leads to the chromite and nickel area.

Within the small scale and minahang bayan area, chromite-rich laterite zones were also identified. Exposed ultramafic rocks underneath the laterite veneer hosts massive to disseminated chromite deposits. CCIL Mining and Mineral Resources Corporation (CCILMMRC) signed an agreement with small scale miners and minahang bayan members for Chromite sand supply.

Two abandoned chromite small-scale mining areas were investigated, the Catmonan and East Maraquing where remnants of chromite ore fragments littered around the vicinities have been observed. Based on float, chromite occurs in the form of massive, disseminated and banded localized in the serpentinized dunitic country rock intercalated with the harzburgite. According to previous workers who made a detailed investigation of the mining area, the massive chromite occur as lenses or pod-shaped ore body ranging in thickness from 0.5 to 1.0 meter. Majority of the chromite ore bodies generally strike parallel to the regional structural trend of the area. In 1990 a total of 5,000.0 metric tons of lumpy ores were extracted in these mining areas.    

Chromite Sand Survey & Stockpile

Photographs showing the systematic sampling method of CCIL technical staff in Libjo Cr stockpile.

Photographs showing the delivery of chromite sand mined-extracted by small scale miners to the chromite stockyard and buying station of CCIL  in Libjo, Dinagat Island.

Chromite sand Pre-Shipment Sampling

Photographs showing the systematic sampling method of CCIL technical staff in Libjo Cr stockpile.

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