Photographs- Alias Writ Implementation

NCIP Reg. 13 Coordination

Photographs showing NCIP's Com. Brawner, CCILMMRC's and CMDC's representatives coordinating with NCIP RD Pabelic regarding the Alias Writ Implementation.

PNP Reg. 13 Butuan City

CCILMMRC, CMDC and NCIP coordinated with PNP Reg. 13 in Camp Rodriguez headed by Gen. Keith Singan, DRDO.


Photographs showing the arrival of the NCIP staff with CCILMMRC and CMDC representatives during the Implementation of the Alias Writ.

SMGC Field Office

Photographs showing serving and implementation of the Alias Writ by the Sheriffs and NCIP Reg 13 staff headed by RD Pinky Pabelic.

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